L&B Concepts offers high end products designed to add a touch of class and luxury to your collection. Our products are unique and exceptional in their meticulous detail and precision workmanship, which we have honed to perfection.

In addition to our Fine Dining Collection, we have partnered with other reputable companies to bring you the best quality products. Our crystal glassware products are made by the best Czech glassmakers. All the glassmaking techniques – cutting, engraving and sandblasting – are based on the handwork and creative sensibilities of individual artisans. Our products immediately captivate the eye because of the depth of cutting, their refinement and radiance.

Products made of colored crystal are designated for demanding customers who appreciate excellent craftsmanship. They will find the right thing of traditional interiors as well as devotees and lovers of modern minimalism, in these design collections. Czech crystal is also an ideal luxurious gift with high artistic and production value, because each vase, goblet, candlestick and bowl is blown and sanded as an original. Our products go through several levels of output control and only the finest ones become the bearer of the brand and go to customers.

As a leading provider of Bone China dinnerware, L&B Concepts proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients that give Bone China its top-of-the line features. Known for its high level of crisp white color, translucent body and superior strength, Bone China dinnerware is chip-resistant, durable and lightweight for everyday use.

Quality and great design are synonymous with the L&B concepts brand. We work with some of the world's finest tabletop designers, and some the best factories using the most advanced technology in the industry, to create products that are not only beautiful and well-made, but suitably priced for everyone's lifestyle.

Moser Products

Moser is undeniably one of the most iconic and beautiful makers of glassware on the planet. We are proud to offer a full line of Moser products to our customers. Each piece that Moser makes is crafted with artistry and care so that it will serve not only its intended purpose but start conversations and bring delight to all those that use it.

We invite you to browse our full line of Moser drinkware. From champagne flutes to highball glasses and tumblers, we have the perfect drinkware for any upperclass bar or event.


If a flower is only as good as its petals, then food and drink may only be as good as the serveware in which they are displayed. That's why we have curated a rich collection of serveware for your event or venue. Choose from pieces that are just as artistic as they are functional. After all, we believe in having your cake and eating it too; preferably from a piece that you found here at our store.